My name is Clint Camp, and I'm running to be your representative for Metro Council in District 7.

Key Issues


Pay our teachers, para-professionals, custodial staff bus drivers. Provide the resources for each school to deliver a high-quality education to each and every student.

A City is judged by its commitment to education, and in a time when our school system cannot afford textbooks for every student, that says a lot about ours. Together with our School Board, we can change that. Our classrooms deserve our support and the future of our city will depend on it. A student that cannot read cannot fully engage in society.

Not every parent will get their child into Lockeland Design Center or Dan Mills. Every school should be a top choice for our parents - including Inglewood Elementary, Rosebank, Taylor-Stratton and Amqui. Our middle schools, such as Bailey, Isaac Litton and Madison deserve that same support to allow them to perform and excel.


Support smart development and particularly growth along our primary corridors.

Our proximity to downtown is part of what makes it so attractive to live here, along with some unique architecture and some truly awesome neighbors. But with rising housing costs, there is pressure to continue to add housing that allows for a high quality-of-life. Working together with Metro Planning and the private sector, we can pursue more opportunities to provide more housing options.

Young professionals may not be able to afford the median home price for a 3-bed / 2-bath home right away, or someone looking to age in place in their neighborhood might not want to continue to maintain a half-acre lot. We need to make sure that with the potential increase in housing that we have options so that our neighbors can stay in the community, and so that others can join us. Having options on floortypes and at different prices helps to add to the diversity of the community and enrich us all.


Expand our sidewalks, greenways, bus service, bike lanes and other options.

With more people comes more traffic, but it doesn't have to mean more gridlock. We should be investing in methods to get around in something other than our cars. A quick trip around the corner to the store should mean an opportunity to walk. But oftentimes there can be issues such as speeding cars, or no sidewalk or shoulder.

At a time when we should be investing deeper in our transit system, we as a City are potentially about to cut service times and routes. I'm excited about some things coming to our WeGo - things like buying passes all over the City, using an app to pay the fare, etc, but we should be adding para-transit service, cross-route connectors and more.




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